Tips for Mums and Dads

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Party Tips for ParentsBalloons on the floor for the children to play with seem like a good idea but it's best not to include them as they are major distractions and can be the source of quarrels. Perhaps you can keep them to one side and give them to the kids as they leave?

Balloons or “The party’s here” signs are always a great idea to help parents (and entertainers) find the party venue.

Name tags or stickers on the children, why not get your child/children to write or design them?

If any of the children have any particular needs, i.e. balloon phobia, not allowed sweets, younger jealous siblings, please let the entertainer know so he can be aware and act accordingly.

If you’re limited on space, don’t be shy in suggesting to other mums and dads to leave and come back for their children. They’ll probably be glad of the break anyway.

For those parents that stay, drinks are often remembered, but snacks are often forgotten, to save them tucking into Jnr’s grub, make some nibbles for them.

If at all possible try and arrange a party around children’s natural meal times, Parties from 2 till 4, sound central to the day, but a 12 – 2pm, or a 3 – 5 pm event means they would generally eat when they are used to eating. It also means, parents can take them somewhere else before or afterwards too.

If you want to enjoy the party yourself, let Mr Merlin take the strain and book him for the 2 hour “Party Package” which includes show, games, competitions and music.


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