The Story of Okey Dokey the Dragon

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Mr Merlin and Okey Dokey the DragonImagine an Island, a long way away, in the middle of a shimmering clear blue sea; there was a beautiful tropical Island. It was populated by some beautiful, incredible creatures. Some you may have seen, like Giant Tortoises, Parrots and Seals. Some not seen by human eyes for a very long time. Unicorns, Phoenix, Gryphons, and the largest community of elves seen on the planet.

There, many, many years ago, shrouded in the mists of time, my Great Great Grandfather, the Ancient and mystical Wizard, Merlin. A Wizard so powerful, that he was able to stop time, and travel across the planet in an instant, visited an old friend. Not your usual friend, but a friend that some people are terrified of. His friend was an old and wise dragon. Fifty feet in length, with a wingspan greater than a bus. He was old. Very old. In fact you may say he was ancient. More than sixty thousand years old.

He asked to see the Great Merlin because he had a favour to ask. He led my Great Great Grandfather down a mystical hidden pathway cut into the side of a volcano, where he had his made his home. A place he had lived for centuries, since men used to hunt and kill dragons, because they misunderstood them, and thought they would hurt them. If only they knew how gentle and kind they were. How wise that dragons were, and how, if one befriended you, would lay down his life for his friend.

Deep in that dark cavern, they came to a large open area. As large as an amphitheatre the old and wise dragon lived alone. Well …… nearly alone!

The Old Dragon had a daughter, Hocus was her name.  She had suffered a cruel and horrible death at the hand (and wands) of evil wizards. They had visited the Island because they had heard that she had laid an egg. An egg covered in gold and diamonds, rare, even for dragons. Dragon’s eggs were often used by evil wizards in their potions as they were very magical. This rare egg was extremely magical. These evil wizards fought a battle on the island that lasted days; many magical creatures were killed, but many more were saved because of the bravery of Hocus. There was only so much she could do alone though, as her father was on the other side of the ocean. The wizards were not there for destruction though, as evil as they were, they wanted just one thing. Hocus’s egg! Once in the cavern, the wizards gathered around Hocus, and threw spells, many of which bounced off her thick dragon skin, but as time wore on, made her weaker and weaker. She fought bravely though, at least half the wizards that made it to the island would not make it back home. One dark wizard, under a spell that made him appear as a rock, made his way around Hocus and was just two metres from the egg when she spotted him. Her great lungs opened up and engulfed him in dragonfire, but as she became distracted by the confrontation, the other wizards shot together, an incantation straight at her heart. A spell that caused her death. The egg was now undefended, and theirs for the taking.

As the lead wizard strode towards the egg, with no remorse for the death of so many magical creatures, this ancient and wonderful dragon, or even his fallen colleagues, all he cared about is that he had won. As he was about to pick up the magical egg, a mighty roar came thundering through the caves, a roar that put fear into the heart of many who heard it. It was Hocus’s father, the Ancient One. As he flew into the great cavern, he saw his daughter dead, and then he saw the wizards approaching the magical egg. The egg that carried his grandchild, the last of his line! He erupted with fury not seen for thousands of years, and out of his mouth and nostrils came an explosion of fire so vast and hot, it made the eruptions of the dead volcano they lived in seem like the flame off a match. The wizards were all vapourised instantly. The egg, of course, being a dragons egg, was undamaged.

The island was safe, but at what cost. Hocus and many of the islands creatures had died. The Ancient One knew that because the egg was so precious, that it was not safe to remain on there. Only one thing could protect his grandchild from evil magic, and that was good magic. He decided to contact his friend Merlin. The only wizard he trusted, and ask him to care for the egg until it hatched. Dragon’s eggs could take 2 or 3 years to hatch, and he was worried that he couldn’t protect it for that time.
That is where my Great Great Grandfather came in. He met with the Ancient One, and agreed to look after the egg until it hatched, and then to protect his grandchild until he … or she was old enough to protect themselves.

He took the egg back to a cave, in the side of a mystical hill in West Wales where all manner of spells and charms protected it. Spells that would not be broken, as Merlin was the greatest wizard the world has ever known. This is where, two years later, Merlin was sitting he saw the egg hatch in a blaze of blinding light. Out of the egg, came a baby dragon, nervously at first, then as curiosity gripped him, more purposefully. He walked towards My Grandfather, yawned, and stretched his wings. Merlin looked at him and said “In respect of your grandfathers wishes, I name you Okey Dokey the Dragon”

*  *  *  *  *    The End     *  *  *  *  *


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